Saturday, January 26, 2008


Had a great day with Ava yesterday and again just a few hours ago. She's a doll, just like her 2 sisters Liesel and Hope. Simeon and Jude will love playing with her and making her giggle.
Weather: Snowy and cold
Food: Really good. They have flavorful meat for breakfast. Sauerkraut and fish too if you'ld like. We just found cereal and milk at the store this morning.
Water: CTOROBA BODA = WATER WITH CARBONATED GAS.. you probably won't like that.. just order w/o GAS
Accomadations: Nice and warm. Buildings are heated with water flowing through pipes from a boiler... very cozy. Toilets are always cramped, I suppose it is because I have long legs. I'll post a photo later of those interesting details.
Location: I gave bad GPS/Google Earth coordidnates earlier. These are the ones to Ava's home for the next few days: 48 35.184N 037 59.980E
Careful!!!: They don't cover pot holes, so don't be taking photos while you walk.
- Friday - All papers complete in Artemovsk and sent on train back to Kiev.
- Saturday and Sunday - see Ava 2 times a day
- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - see Ava and wait to hear for court date. We hope it will be Friday

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