Saturday, January 26, 2008

Update and Picture From the Mother Land

Ok folks, here are some interesting photos of Artemovsk:

Mash potatoes and tasty meat roll.

Ukrainian QuikTrip

This isn't Russian Vodka, Its water with Gas (Carbonated Water). I prefer water w/o Gas. Don't drink the water!

Watch your step. The locals steal these man hole covers and sell them for Grivnas(Ukrain currency)

So cramped? No where for my legs. And, what is that a toilet paper holder? Lookout, its a decoy..

Ukrainian TP is like sand paper, and ah... there NO hole to hang this stuff on! Dang! They may as well just take the holder down. Its misleading.


Stephanie said...

is it tomorrow yet??? Video!!! YAY!!!!!

Stephanie said...

oh, maybe it's not a PT holder...maybe it's a hand towel holder? Ukrainains are so weird....