Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Interesting Pictures

No taxi needed. Just a cold, 2 block walk.

Ukranian breakfast at the Tax Building

Is that a Mac? Our room at the hotel. Warm and cozy.

Bizar. Is that a dog in the QuikTrip?

My favorite! Elasti-Girl.


Tim Rovenstine said...

Looks indeed like she is truly enjoying the attention. Does she show signs of sadness when you leave the room?

Michelle said...

A dog in the quick market...maybe he is on the security staff - lol :o) Elasti-girl is adorable!!!! I read over at Charissa's blog about breakfast - ugh! Cabbage and chicken....I wish I could send bagels and creme cheese to you guys! Keep on keepin' on....

Michelle (Cincinnati, Ohio)