Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Top 5 FAQ's When Getting Caught With A Reminder

5 - What do I tell me wife if she finds out I'm using reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, etc?

4 - What do I say, if my wife finds out I really haven't been thinking about her, I just got reminded and sent an automatic quick email?

3 - How do I keep my wife from accidentally reading my anniversary/birthday reminder emails?

2 - How long will my wife be upset with me if she finds out I'm using a machine to help me remember important sentimental dates?

1 - What is quickest way get out of the dog house if she finds out I had to be reminded about her birthday and didn't just "remember" it?


Josh said...

What's worse, totally forgetting or getting caught with a reminder?

KC said...

If this is an issue at your house, you need to remind your wife that you are male. Also, if you care enough to set reminders, it still means you care. When you get to the size of family you have, it's a wonder that you remember anything.