Monday, January 28, 2008

Someone really likes the iPhone..

We will get busted if we take her hat and blanket off in the 80F room.

Boy, this thing has come in handy. It has been so nice to communicate in seemingly unreachable places. Ava has taken a real liking to my iPhone. Maybe I'll get her one when she is 21....


Gayla said...

lol, I bought my daughter with Down Syndrome an cell phone for Christmas when she was 14. One Saturday, wait make it Sunday morning, my sister called to say "Do you realise your daughter is calling us at 1am?" Hee Hee

Tqvewoiurhe pink hat looks so cute on her but it is so odd that they make you leave it on her.

Gayla said...

Opps on the mistake in the upper post, I guess the word verification got mixed up in the post. No wonder it didn't work the first time.

Amy W said...

Speaking of cell phones, I got Jimmy (DS) one when he was in highschool. And he too, went down the list in his address book and gave everyone a wake up call at 7 am from his bus on the way to school!
Ava is sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing so many pictures of her, we love them!!