Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa

Russian for Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa.

Charissa's new sling gadget. Too complicated for me, but she looks
great holding Ava in it.

Thats me feeding Ava her Borsch soup.. beets, cabbage and stuff.
Tasty, but not in a bottle.


Musicmamaof8 said...

What, no hat? Shame on you! teeheehee

Great pix, thanks for sharing, and keep 'em comin' !

Patrice, RR lurker

Tim Rovenstine said...

If you HURRY...and get done, and arrive at the TULSA airport today you might be able to shake hands with Mike Huckabee. If I get there, I'll tell him if he wants my vote, I want him to kiss my baby AVA.