Wednesday, January 30, 2008

play rooms, man holes and mittens

Ava's playpin in the summer

Here's that man hole again, marked by someone who decided to dump their Christmas tree.
Proper attire for 85 degree play room... I'm watch'n you Wasowski, always watching..
Dang, we got busted by the head nurse! No coat, no hat and no blanket! Col-ad-na means, its cold in here, put her hat and coat and blanket on.


Stephanie said...

I hope she doesnt freeze when she gets home... :)

Rita Andrews said...

She looks so happy with you all!!!!

Tim Rovenstine said...

Kenyans as well, in 98 degree weather always wanted me to bundle up riding the bus, and I had to close the windows!

Gayla said...

Wow, those play pens are something. Gotta love the tree in the manhole!! lol

Thank you so much for posting all these wondeful pictures of your new daughter. May you guys continue to be blessed!