Saturday, January 24, 2009

1 Year...

Its been 1 year.

1 year ago today I met my beautiful new daughter Ava. Not feeling well and barely able to grunt. Chicken pox all over her face. But, she was able to smile on the first day we met... 

She was able to reach her tiny hand out and stroke mine. 

She was able to capture my heart in ways no-one will ever know.

1 year ago today Charissa and I braved an action packed trip to Ukraine to meet her for the first time. 
1 year ago today, Ava started a brand new life. 
1 year ago today, Ava started her forever transformation.
1 year ago today, Ava NEVER had to worry about going to an institution ever again.
1 year ago today, Ava didn't have to wonder anymore where her dad was.
1 year ago today, Ava got to see pictures of her brothers and sisters.
1 year ago today, Ava got a mom, dad, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, grandparents, great grand mothers, great uncles, great aunts, semi-great uncles, semi-great aunts, 25+ cousins and tons of friends
1 year ago today, Ava got to start counting the hours until she goes HOME... forever.

Now, I just can't imagine what I ever did without her.  Why did I ever even question adopting a little girl like this? She has brought so much life to us. She is simply beautiful. Have you ever noticed her beautiful blue eyes. Her smile is contagious.

365 days later, she is still working miracles in my life. Stealing my heart and tiny little ways. Looking into my eyes and signing Pa Pa. So much life to give. So much life to live.

Now, she is pulling up, all by herself! Charissa is going to post the movie soon. Until then, just look at the "Amazing" video that Charissa did many months ago, then go to her blog and see what she is doing now:

I'm so proud of Ava. 
I'm so proud of my wife. 
I'm so proud of my kids. They are doing a wonderful job with, my newest daughter!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ava and the Rubiks Cube

Ava and I spent some time together this afternoon working the Rubiks cube while watching the Steelers beat up on the Chargers. And, I'll have to say, she loves working the Rubiks cube!

I don't even have to look at the cube!

"Let me get the blue first!"

So fast, the camera can't even freeze the shot...

Hmm.. almost there...

Intense concentration....


Saturday, January 3, 2009