Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome To My Domain...

My good friend Kasey, emailed me some old pics. this is Jude on top of a very dangerous cliff near Valle de Bravo Mexico. What kind of parents would leave thier kid so close to the ledge? Isn't he a cute little guy?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gotcha Day!

Many of you woke up to this Headline News story one year ago today....

Well, we very much remember that day at the Urban household. She has come so far. Done so much. I couldn't help but be moved today in church when Ava looked in my eyes and said..  "Pa Pa!", while signing it TOO! 

Everyone turned around to look, but I didn't care. I'll just let them think I have an unruly child. They just have no idea.

Look at Ava's first photo again, as an Ava Alina Grace Urban... dashing away from the orphanage and turned the corner in the tiny Nissan Sentra Taxi cab, to her brand new life.

She's come a long way.