Tuesday, January 22, 2008

interesting facts...

flight from Chicago -> Frankfurt:

- 8.5 hrs
- very smooth
- avg speed 650 mph
- coldest outside temp: -83 F
- max altitude 37,000 ft

other interesting things

- always locate the barf bag when you first sit down
- frankfurt has small glass smoke rooms where folks cram in to suck on a cigarettes
- when going to Europe, its a good idea to learn 2 more languages
- man, russian alphabet is hard!

Flush, by pushing that button..

230 volts! Bring the right plug. Read your laptop power cord. It will tell you how much input it can handle and how much input to your laptop. Dell and Apple thought this already. Most laptop cords can take 240volts.


KC said...

Why am I not surprised that you travel halfway around the world, and the first picture you send is of a toilet? Have you met Ava yet?

Christine said...

I hate those plugs. I shorted my hairdryer using one of them. Can't wait till you meet Ava.

spahrfamily said...

Did you guys take a laptop? I am concerned about blowing mine up. Are they safe with an adapter/converter? By the way, my husband has finally found some interest in a blog when the photos of are toilets and outlets. :-)