Monday, February 11, 2008

Special Flower...

Ava had a special flower just for her at her Grandma and Pa-Paws church, First United Methodist Church in Clovis NM this last Sunday. 
This flower is very special. Every time a little one comes into the congregation, a flower is placed on the alter as a symbol of new life! Ava has a new life now and some pretty proud grandparents!

Ava had no Grandmothers Jan 31, 2008, but on Feb 1, 2008, she got 2! Oma and Grandma, I sure love you.... Ava.


Christine said...

How special. Our church used to do this.

Anonymous said...

Ava, Simeon, Liesel, Hope and Jude, we love you and will come back to see you real soon.

Grand-ma and Paw-Paw Urban

Arturo, Lolis, Yrvin & Arlis said...

God is good and forever his mercy.
Only God can realize so extraordinary things, like his own holy heart puts in a heart of meat in his adopted children as you are.
I praise God, because we can see the real testimony of those that are the salt of this eart…The words do not express the feelings that flow in my on having known of so pretty testimony.
The family URBAN, I believe sincerely that they will be very blessed with the arrival of Ava Alina Grace, because my self have experienced the great heart and sensibility of these God's Angels (angelo = Envoy, Messenger). My sister Cristy is already 31 years old and have been for us an example of the communion that God wants to have with his children, she floods our house with the God's love and sometimes with words that come on behalf of the Lord very edifying and that encourage our spirit. They have big aptitudes and develop impressive capacities in the artistic area more than we can imagine.
Do not stop to share to her the Gospel, encourage and motivate in her development and capacities.
They are so sweet and tender that easily we give up in their weaknesses or lethargies, like all the children are in the habit of having.
It’s one more in home, with the difference that they have a specified mission on behalf of God, who is to explain the God's Love in their Christian family.
God continues guiding you, blessing and prospering abundant in all your decisions.
From Belgium: