Sunday, February 3, 2008


Is that a trampoline Dad? I can't wait to lay on it! Some day soon, I'll be able to jump!

Kiev skyline. No-one here gives a rip about the SuperBowl. Quiet as a mouse.

Wow dad! What is that? Kool!

Today we go to the US embassy for a visa and the medical clinic for an exam. We hope to be done by 4pm and make plane reservations to COME HOME! We have favor with God and man. Jesus is so good to us. We are so blessed to have Ava! Watch for GE updates on our journey home.


koen said...

Hi John, thought it only fair to comment on your blog too:) You are doing a great job keeping us connected. Thanks. We so wish we were going to be there at the airport on your arrival. Anyway, we'll get more time with you when we hear about our citizenship ceremony and return to OK. Safe travels and God bless. Hugs to mom from me and kisses to Ava.
Tina (and Frik)

Tim Rovenstine said...

Well, can't wait til 4 oclock, and find out what they say! And don't discount another being bumped coming home! If you get another couple of tickets, I have a couple of Kenyan kids I'd like to bring to MEXICO. We can wait another 6 hours .....hint...hint.