Monday, February 4, 2008

Homeward Bound

Kiev -> Munich -> Denver -> Tulsa
Be in Tulsa 620PM Tuesday night! Mission almost complete.
LH3233 W 05FEB 2 KBPMUC HK2 605A B 650A 820A
LH 480 W 05FEB 2 MUCDEN HK2 835A 2 915A1205P
UA6556 W 05FEB 2 DENTUL HK2 349P 620P
Watch for GE updates and posts on each hop.
2 pictures this time. The red clown suit photo was the first day we saw her. The second pink coat suit was leaving the orphange on Friday... 8 days later. She looks like a million Grevnas!.. doesn't she!


Tim Rovenstine said... that money in the Ukraine?

Rich Roberts said...


I'm not sure if you remember talking with me on the phone. I'm Andrea Roberts' husband (From Reece's Rainbow). We've been praying for you and your new daughter, and look forward to hearing more about your experience when you get back to the States.

God bless you on your journey home!


Amy W said...

Oh my goodness! She is a HAPPY girl!!
Thanks for having two blogs so we can see double the pictures!!!!

Gayla said...

My daughter had a red "Clown suit" like that, and I thought it was adorable, course that was over 16 years ago!! ha ha

Hope you all get plenty of rest on your trip home. And how are you going to feed her the beets and meat in the bottle on the way home?

Stephanie said...

I second what Amy said.. Thank you for having two blogs!!!! She looks so high fashion in her first brand new coat!