Friday, July 4, 2008

Hope... loves her Dad...

Hope came in to see me while I was working in the office. As she came over to me she was scattering Austin Cheddar Cheese crackers across the floor. Instead of scolding her for dribbling crackers, I smiled and asked her.. "Can I have one". She quickly responded, "No daddy, you have to get your own". I just picked her up, gave her a big hug, then let her down and she was on her way.

A few moments later, she came back into my office with a whole set of the crackers, 6 to be exact. I smiled again and gave her a big giant hug.


Anonymous said...

did you say thank you?

breanna said...

i'm so glad! cuz you aren't raising crackers, you're raising daughters!!
(breanna from missouri who's sister is adopting from ukraine!) : )