Wednesday, June 11, 2008

looking over you

journal entry 06-11-2008

Wow, that was a loud thunderstorm... what time is it? 3am, oh good... I get about 3 more hours of sleep.

Wait, before I go back to sleep, I need to check on the kids.

Simeon, upstairs sleeping sound in the game room because its too hot in his room he says.. CHECK. Simeon, you are amazing. I think you'll be an engineer.
Liesel and Hope.. Liesel is sleeping sound and Hope is in my bed kicking me! When did she crawl in bed.. CHECK, CHECK. Liesel, you are so mature and Hope I love giving you kisses!
Jude.. Phooey, he crawled in my bed too! No wonder I can't get any sleep. Jude, you are amazing too! A great communicator. Maybe you'll be President some day!

Ava.. My newest daughter. Wow, I love you so much! How could I love you so much. How did God put such a powerful love for you inside of me. That was so neat when you held your little arms out to come to daddy today! I really do think you loves me. You look cold, I'd better put a blanket on you and make sure your vitals are good! Oops, you're moving around, into a contorted position! How do you sleep like that?

Thank you Jesus for my wife and children. I love them so much.

Ok, back to sleep. Its just a gentle rain now and an occasional rolling thunder.

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Dolores said...

This is so familiar to me, it's something I do every night too. I understand your feelings; you're so good at putting them into words!