Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bounc'n and Spin'n

I've got to boost my numbers. I hope these videos help.

bounc'n up and down:

spin'n around:


Amy W said...

I can't get over how much she is progressing! Ava is such a sweet little girl, you are blessed!

Christina said...

SHe is doing SO great! I can't believe how tiny her little legs are.

Janell & Kenny said...

thats cool how she followed you around! awesome! thanks for sharing the videos

Dave said...

So great!! I love seeing all the pics and videos.

WheresMyAngels said...

Thank you so much!! She is so adorable with her little chicken legs. I only say that because that is what people always called Mercede's little legs!! lol

I can't wait til you post one of her talking!

Are you teaching her sign language? That really helped Mercede, she could sign like a pro real early. She had severe hearing problems until about age three when finally her tubes worked and her ears drained right. She now talks well, even though she does have moderate hearing loss. But the signing was a life savior those early years. She picked it up so quick and was able to communicate her wants and needs. Her younger sister whom also has DS, didn't pick up on the sign like Mercede did, but she was able to verbalize sooner than Mercede. Until Mercede was about 10, she would sign when she got mad with the words also, just to let you know how mad she was!! lol

Shelley said...

I'm following along! But I folow along with google reader...does that show up on your "count"????

Ava is a doll! I love the videos and pictures!

Christine said...

WoW! She is a different girl now that she is home! She sure loves her Daddy.